Alicia silverstone dating history

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Alicia silverstone dating history

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, they're a city-rushed couple who rediscover themselves--and each other, and, um, others--at a hippie retreat.

Though their relationship is in tatters, they have that believable but-we're-each-other's person thing going down pat, probably thanks to The deal: I know, not a lot of us saw the first one.

Not all of them necessarily auditioned, but Heckerling was also encouraged to consider Keri Russell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.5. Cher's last name was improvised by Wallace Shawn.

Heckerling didn't write a last name into the script, so when Shawn, as Mr. I don't know how that marriage worked out, but it was really sweet."17.

Bridget Hall (1994) Bridget Hall " data-medium-file="

Adam Schroeder, producer: The entire cast and everybody was dressed to the nines … For the guys, what’s really cool is to have that eighties, edgy, hip look. I think Paul Rudd had a 1950s, shawl-collar jacket, and the sharkskin blue for [Christian’s tuxedo]. Twink Caplan: If I was going to get married, even if it was fake, Amy would have been my maid of honor. The compilation of interviews by Jen Chaney, out July 7, details everything that went into making the film, from casting to costumes.In honor of the anniversary on July 19, we rounded up 20 of the most fascinating facts from the book.1.that was really fun because [Paul Rudd] wasn’t with the full cast ever, except for that. Paul Rudd, Josh: I was excited because finally I was getting to shoot with other people when, it’s like: we did the readings together, we were around together, we would shoot different scenes on the same day. Stacey Dash, Dionne: That’s how much fun we were having. She edited most of herself out and she was shy, you know, to be on that side of the camera. Alicia Silverstone, Cher: My mom and Amy were both in the scene, so that was fun.Like I said, I became friends with Breckin and Donald, so I was psyched to finally get to shoot a scene with everybody. You never knew: It could be just one word that hit somebody funny, you know, or hit somebody’s funny bone and the next thing you knew, it was just contagious. Paul Rudd: Carl Gottlieb was in it briefly and was a friend of Amy’s.

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