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His head and trunk carried marks of deliberate violence, inflicted before he was cast into the mire: His nose had been broken, his skull shattered, his abdomen sliced open.While he lay in the bog, the weight of sodden sphagnum moss had flattened his crushed head, and the dark waters had tanned his skin to leather and dyed his hair orange red.Recently on 30 Dates, we’ve been looking at some home truths of dating in different decades.First, I made some rather honest observations on the pitfalls of dating, as a woman in her thirties.Then a blog reader sent in a guest post about her own discoveries of dating in her forties.And now, I’ve asked author Rebecca Perkins, to explain dating life in your fifties.

So much will have changed since the last time you were dating.

For many a long winter, people in some of the colder and more treeless northern regions of the world have traditionally warmed themselves by fire.

Not a fire of crackling logs, but by the ruddy and cheering glow coming from bricks of an earthy, crumbly, chocolate-coloured fuel. It accumulates in vast, uninhabited tracts of open, poorly-drained bog country, from the remains of sphagnum moss and other plants that thrive in the damp environment.

Since then the movie has surprisingly gone on to earn over million. Because it’s a realistic story of an all-too-common dating relationship — one that ends up lopsided and empty because of a plastic vision of romance.

Its popularity seems to tell us something about Western culture and relationships: .

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