Futuristic dating

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Now that Spurs have moved out of White Hart Lane and head to Wembley and Atletico Madrid prepare to play their final game at Vicente Calderon before their move to the Wanda Metropolitano, we look at the exciting new stadiums that will be completed over the next five years.

There are some lavish creations to behold and some extravagant investment behind the new grounds.

We want you to know what time of day it is, what temperature it is outside. That was Steve’s original intention, to sort of blur that line between the inside and outside. There are 9,000 freshly planted trees on the property, giving it a walkable campus feel, a 100,000-square-foot wellness and yoga center with stone-covered walls, and its cafeteria can fit 4,000 employees.

“If Steve could reappear, it would be as he conceived it when he last saw it as drawings,” said lead architect Norman Foster.

In one of his music videos, he explains why it's too easy to rap.In honor of the anniversary, we’ve collected these photos from the fair: The 1964-1965 fair was the third major World’s Fair to be held in New York City. It was well below the projected attendance of 71 million.The theme of the '64 fair was Peace Through Understanding and was symbolized by a 12-story stainless-steel model of the Earth called the Unisphere. The New York State Pavilion, designed by Philip Johnson, was a key attraction.Musk said that humans becoming an interplanetary species is inevitable.“In 1969 we were able to send somebody to the moon. We’re mistaken when we think technology automatically improves.

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Though the Vietnam War and resulting social upheaval were only just getting underway, the fair exhibited the nation's postwar optimism of a bright, technological future.