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My little pony dating sim

Because for Spike it will no longer be just a game.

I had originally intended this to be one in an ongoing series of posts where I mock Bronies for being so passionate about being fans for a children’s show.

For the past few days, the community has been simply waist-deep in controversy and mystery surrounding the sudden appearance of "Dark Skyes", a pony-themed dating simulator, with supposed "Deep RPG elements" that popped up on Kickstarter last week.

Something has smelled fishy ever since the post went up, and it's not because it's lent either.

I've been waiting to talk to you for some time, but I... I-If you're not busy, I could use a test subject to um... I also have to add, the background was fun as hell to draw!

In the last 9 hours of the campaign, the kickstarter that has boiled controversy for nearly a month was cancelled by the project creator. The game that was admitted, during the course of the month by the kickstarter creators, to be a scam designed to "trick retards" into funding a fake game.

Find the pony at the end of the maze to progress to the next level.

" "Why are you just now asking for money if you have completed 95% of the game already?

" "Why is this the first time anyone online has heard of the project if it's been worked on for over 3 years?

--- I had a vision of this in my head for quite some time, had to put it on digital canvas. If it were real, I'd definitely play it, even if only for kicks and giggles.

I know Faust is promoting "Thems Is Fightin' Herds", but without the cannon cast it's just not the same... I'm looking for a copy of Arcane Whisper's theorems on Sympathetic Magic for my thesis, but I can't seem to find it. Is it just a trick of the light 'cause that image has shading while the larger one does not? Im glad that it looks ok enough to pass for a screenshot, im honored.

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As there were so many problems with the last few, this one is extremely simple.