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Ps3 adult cam chat room

I do not do anything related to my bum, it is an exit only thank you! We are all here to be naked, talk about games, or well... I even have grays I respect and enjoy the company of! Though you should so talk nerdy to me anyway ^.~ (even table top games boys, it gets me going! PS2 Games, Sega Genesis, and N64 now that I can talk about! If you ask me where I am ACTUALLY from I will find where you are ACTUALLY from and contract assassins to go there and remove your genitalia. I will pown you into submission if you act like a rude noob. Though I love gaming I already love my gaming companions. IF you want a private any time after PST tip one token with desired time or come on during show time and PM. PM me about a surefire way for a half hour private! If you use it without my okay, I take my tips and sue the heck out of you, kapish? It goes to a friend out of state and is then sent to me so if I do not react quickly please know it may take a bit.

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Size: 34 D (Yes they are natural) Can you game with me? (Resident evil four reference come on now) By appointment! Rates vary depending on how much I like you and how high the demand is. I will not speak in a vulgar way or say that I love you. Do not re-post, sell, or otherwise harsh the mellow of the site rules.

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^.^ think Victorian romance novel you rakes : D be vulgar and you'll hit my enrage timer. No crude ones and not a ton all at once, but cute is always welcome!

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