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But the fact that you came already shows everyone else that you’re interested, or at least open to the idea of conversing and possibly creating a friendship with someone there. But showing up and then walking around the joint with the “I don’t really need to be here” attitude makes you look like a weirdo, and is a bit disrespectful to the entire cause. That structure is designed for you to get the most out of the experience. Put all of that ease and be impressive from the gate by doing the following; Ladies – Believe it or not, most men are surprised and a bit impressed by a firm handshake and eye contact from a woman. This process can subconsciously become a “guess that smell” competition. Contrary to popular belief, listening is the most important part of communication.Generally the women will be seated at a table for two and the men are given one table to start at and have a predetermined amount of time to get to know the woman at this table and determine whether or not they are compatible.After the time limit the woman stay where they are seated and the men move to the next table.Speed dating can be a lot of fun but it does move quickly and it's best to go into your first speed dating experience prepared.Since speed dating allows you a very limited amount of time to get to know each date making a good first impression is critical.

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Three minutes can feel like an eternity with a snooze of a date, or a snap of the finger when you have chemistry. So maybe you won’t get to have an in-depth conversation about the origin of the universe, but you can do better than awkwardly shifting and asking your date about their day. Sure, you should be prepared and comfortable to ask questions to your match. Listen to their answers and let the conversation flow smoothly from what they have to say instead of proceeding with a pre-determined script.

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